Zhuzhou sanxin hard alloy production Co., LTD - labor day vacation notice
In the May 1st Labour Day holiday approaching,  The entire world of com blessing happy holiday laborers. I will be closed for three days, the company special from 29 began, May 3 formal work.
On labor day:
51 international labor day also say "51", the annual May Day. It is the world proletarian team level, labor people's joint festival. This section of the city of Chicago from United States workers strike. 1st 1886, Chicago for more than 216 thousand implemented for workers eight hours a day and strike, through hard struggle, finally got his blood victory. To commemorate this great workers' movement, the 1889 in July, the second international announced the May 1 year as international labor day. This decision immediately get world workers responded positively. On May 1st, 1890, of euro-american went into the street, holding the grand demonstration and rallies, fighting for the legal rights. From then on, on this day labor people of the whole world to an assembly, a procession to celebrate.
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